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The essence

        of energy

We present you modern systems for producing green energy and heating

Elegant power in silence

                 Mitsui heat pumps

For 40 years, MITSUI has been actively involved in the field of air conditioning and heating, building a strong reputation in the industry with its headquarters in the Black Forest. With origins in Northern Italy, Mitsui combines decades of experience with innovative technology to create high-quality products for households, businesses, and industries.

Our heat pumps and air conditioning units offer the ideal solution for those seeking energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and superior comfort. With our products, you'll never experience being too hot or too cold again. Our heat pumps efficiently harness the natural heat source from the environment to warm your spaces, while our air conditioning units provide refreshing coolness on hot days.

Since 1981, at MITSUI, we have been manufacturing innovative products tailored to the needs of our customers. Through the use of high-quality materials and modern technologies, we ensure the longevity and high efficiency of our products.

Choose MITSUI and benefit from our expertise and experience. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services. We are here to assist you!


Heat pumps

Heating pumps transfer energy, freely available in renewable sources such as earth, groundwater and air, to rooms or areas with different temperature sources.

Air conditioners

Discover unparalleled comfort and efficiency with Mitsui air conditioners. Renowned for their cutting-edge technology and innovative design, Mitsui offers a range of air conditioning solutions tailored to meet your cooling needs.


Our inverters are powerful and reliable, offering superior efficiency thanks to advanced control technology, a highly efficient charge-discharge process and incredibly fast switching to the grid

Combination for Maximizing Thermal Functionality

Stoves and Thermal Ovens


Solar Collectors

Electrical Resistors

Combination for Lower Operating Costs


Storage Batteries

Home Automation Control

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