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No outdoor unit line

The Mitsui air conditioner without an outdoor unit has been designed to meet a variety of system and installation requirements that would not be possible with conventional split systems. It is particularly used in historic centers, multi-family houses, hotels, prefabricated structures, and structures subject to restrictions for visual arts.

This unit can be installed either flush with the floor or the wall. It is mandatory to position it along a perimeter wall, for which a core drilling machine is required to create the two holes for the connections to the external air intake and exhaust.

The model is loaded with the refrigerant R32 and has a capacity of 12000 Btu/h.

  • 12000 BTU/h

  • Alimentation électrique : 220-240/1/50 V/Ph/Hz

  • Puissance de chauffage : 12800 BTU/h

  • Puissance de chauffage (COP) : 3,10

  • Puissance de refroidissement : 11400 BTU/h

  • Puissance de refroidissement (EER) : 2,61

  • Dimensions de l'unité intérieure (LxPxH) : 1000x245x580 mm

  • Type de réfrigérant : R32

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